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No one knows for sure how many homeless Akitas there are at any given time. During the month of June 2019 a survey was conducted by all Akita rescue organizations throughout the country. Over 400 requests for assistance were recorded in one month with no duplications.

ACAR (Akita Club of America Rescue) has set a goal of reducing the number of Akitas abandoned in public and private shelters. Getting there is going to take considerable work, and it will require the help of many people. You can be an important part of making this dream a reality by inspiring action, compassion and involvement; by sharing information and inviting others to get involved, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Some informative articles you should read:
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So, you have read all of the documents above, and are still interested in purchasing a puppy. Before you do, take the following questions to ask the breeder and be sure to get proof.

1. What types of health screening do you perform prior to breeding?
2. To which clubs or organizations do you belong?
3. In which conformation or performance events do your dogs compete?
4. How long have you been active in this breed?
5. What happens if I am no longer able to keep this dog for some unforeseen reason?
6. Documentation to ask for: Health screening certification or reports, pedigree, AKC registration papers, puppy veterinary records, contract and references.

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