Today finds ACAR member rescues facing a new challenge – our rescues are experiencing a LARGE influx of Akitas in rescue, and we desperately need fosters and donations. We are taking these dogs as a result of a breeder shutdown. We have 36 dogs now (including 19 puppies) and anticipate up to 45 more in the coming days. All from a single location. All are intact.

All of the dogs will need will need to be spayed or neutered. The cost is staggering. Hence the concept of “Spay it Forward” to address the specific need for medical treatment for the dogs coming in to our rescues’ care. A better life ahead is coming for those who will no longer be producing litter after litter.

Please help our rescues give these dogs a new leash on life! They need all of us now more than ever.

Donate via our website:

Long Coat mama “Holly” and her eight puppies. They are safe in foster care in Pennsylvania.